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Some Success Stories

Below, you'll find some of the projects that I have worked on in the past from fiction to nonfiction. 



A Little Talk With Jesus

Author: Marrissa Saunders

A Little Talk With Jesus, is an authentic, relatable, interactive guide to prayer. Marrissa writes thoughtfully so that every reader may have a personal journey through the scriptures by answering questions like “Who should I pray to?” “Why is prayer essential to my Faith?” and “How do I pray prayers and know that God hears me?”


Why Did I Like You Anyway?

Author: Terrie Lynn

This is a self-help book on relationships. It is not about how to get a man or keep one. Its focus is on why women do what they do and like who they like.



I'm Black, Y'all

Playwright: Brother B.I.B

This original show discusses acceptance, a sense of identity, and love for one's self through the Black experience.


On The Verge of Sex

Author: Terrie Lynn

On the Verge of Sex covers the reality facing teen girls and sex today. She presents testimonials from girls who have experienced many of the possible situations in teen dating such as teen pregnancy, teen violence and date rape, STDs, sex and social media, and much more.

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